Rs 25000 Prize Bond List

List Updated: 3rd August 2020

If you are looking for latest rs 25000 prize bond list then you are at right website you can find all the latest rs 25000 prize bond draw results on our website.

The bond of Rs 25000 is the seventh denomination of bonds to be purchased by the customers.

This bond is not purchased on a high rate and also the draws are held accordingly.

The first prize for this bond is Rs 50,000,000 that is given to a single lucky winner.

The second prize for this bond is Rs 15,000,000 that is given to three lucky winner.

The third and final prize for this bond is Rs 312,000 to the first 1696 participants.

25000 Prize Bond Draw

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The latest draw for this bond was held at 3rd August,2020 in Lahore. The winners were announced and the 25000 prize bond list was also exposed for the people to get their sum amount of money.

This was the last and final draw to be held in this year, the rest of the draws for the 25000 Prize Bond list will be held next year. The first draw was held on 03 February, 2020 this year in Faisalabad.

The draws were and are held in a sequence that the first draw in a year would be held in the month of February then after two month the second draw will be held in the month of May.

Exactly after two months the third draw is held in the month of August then after two month the fourth and last draw is held in the month of November. The criteria for releasing the Bond list is in a two month span throughout the year. Hence this criterion is being followed from the start.

Previous Draw Results

Draw# 34 of Rs 25000 Prize Bond Held at Lahore on 3rd August 2020

Draw# 33 of Rs 25000 Prize Bond Held at Rawalpindi on 4th May 2020

Draw# 32 of Rs 25000 Prize Bond Held at Faisalabad on 3rd February 2020

Draw# 31 of Rs 25000 Prize Bond Held at Multan on 1st November 2019

Draw# 30 of Rs 25000 Prize Bond Held at Rawalpindi on 1st August 2019

Rs 25000 Prize Bond Denomination List


Winning Amount

Number of Prizes

1st Prize

PKR 5 Crore


2nd Prize

PKR 1.5 Crore


3rd Prize

PKR 312,000


Rs 25000 Prize Bond Draw Schdule


Draw Date

Draw City


2nd November 2020


The lucky draw is held for four times for each denomination so that it will increase the winning chances of general public.

Apart from that, the entire Prize bond is printing by Pakistan Security Printing Corporation; they had printed all the bonds under the approval of Pakistani Government while any other center is not eligible for printing so it is necessary to check either your bond is original or not because scamming is very common in Pakistan, as every bond has specific security while some common features are; Rainbow color Printing, invisible denomination, government of Pakistan Reverse and so.

Prize Bond is simply a way of getting your own money back. The interest that people pay to the government is returned to the people in body of Prize Bond.

The Prize Bond is a lucky draw that is done transparently by the Ministry Of Finance and the lucky winners get the amount depending on the Bond they have purchased.

Hence Prize Bond is a type of lottery ticket that are purchase by the people and then they enter a lucky draw and by wit of their luck they may win the best of the best prizes. Other than that Prize Bond are very common in Pakistan.

Prize bonds in Pakistan are divided into particular eight types. These types are purchased by all type of people in a community. The amount for purchasing starts from a mere 100 PKR and then lead to 40000 PKR.

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