Rs 100 Prize Bond List

List Updated: 15th May 2020

If you are looking for latest rs 100 prize bond list then you are at right website you can find all the latest rs 100 prize bond draw results on our website.

The bond of Rs 100 is known to be the cheapest bond to be bought the winning percentage of this bond is relatively low as the ratio of people in this bond category is high.

However the first prize for this bond is Rs 70,000 for only a single winner. The second prize for this bond is Rs 20,000 will be given to three lucky winners.

The third and last prize for this bond is Rs 1000 will be give to every 1,199 participants.

100 Prize Bond Draw

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The list for the prize bond is exposed in draws. These draws are held in different cities of Pakistan. The earliest draw for the Rs 100 list prize bond was held at Faisalabad on 15 February, 2020 this year. After that numerous draws were held one after another for the Rs 100 Prize Bond. The draws are extended on a great deal of time and hence the purchasers have to wait accordingly for their turn and luck.

Previous Draw Results

Draw# 30 of Rs 100 Prize Bond Held at Lahore on 15th May 2020

Draw# 29 of Rs 100 Prize Bond Held at Peshawar on 17th February 2020

Draw# 28 of Rs 100 Prize Bond Held at Karachi on 15th November 2019

Draw# 27 of Rs 100 Prize Bond Held at Hyderabad on 16th August 2019

Draw# 26 of Rs 100 Prize Bond Held at Quetta on 15th May 2019

Rs 100 Prize Bond Denomination List


Winning Amount

Number of Prizes

1st Prize

PKR 7 Lac


2nd Prize

PKR 2 Lac


3rd Prize

PKR 1,000


Rs 100 Prize Bond Draw Schdule


Draw Date

Draw City


17th August 2020



16th November 2020


The draw held this year can be checked through various sites that are enabled on the internet. The result for the draw can be checked online.

There were four draws held in Pakistan for 100 Rs p​​​​rize bond and the list were announced online and also on the particular given venue. The last draw that was held this year was on 15 November.2019.

This was the last date in this year that opened the draw for 100 Rs prize bond list and announced the lucky winners. The next date for 100 Rs Prize bond list will 17 February, 2020. Each year there are four draws held for the prize bond list to be announced and allot the money to lucky winners.

The date for the prize bond list is announced before and henceforth the venue is also selected.

A Prize Bond is a lottery bond, a non-interest bearing security issued on behalf of the Irish Minister for Finance by the Prize Bond Company Limited. Funds raised are used to offset government borrowing and are refundable to the bond owner on demand.

Interest is returned to bond owners via prizes which are distributed by means of random selection of bonds. Prize Bonds are also offered in Pakistan, by the Ministry of Finance.

The bonds are given under some designations to ensure that the bonds are for the welfare of the people and to give the clarity that these amounts are of the people. These bonds are given away for the one single purpose that is to help the one who deserves or who is lucky enough.

There are total eight categories of the bonds these bonds are distributed among those categories and also the award is based upon those bonds.

The bonds start from the amount Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 1500, Rs 7500, Rs 15000, Rs 25000, Rs 40000. Hence amount of Rs 40000 is the last and highest bond to be purchased.

The prize bond can easily be bought and the prize bond list is held accordingly with the given time frame each year.  

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