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Just Custom Fields for WordPress plugin

Custom Post Types, announced in WordPress 3.0, boosted the popularity to WordPress sites among clients and developers in 2010. WordPress is quite easy for newbies in web to use, and it’s very simple and self-explanatory for content editors. With Custom Post Types we can improve standard functionality in times and add more sections.

3 minutes to read
Gumblar-family virus removal tool

During the last few weeks, we’ve found that a few of our clients’ sites are infected with malicious javascript code – code which appeared to be the result of a virus. The virus behaviour is similar to the Gumblar virus. Here is a short summary of what this virus does.

3 minutes to read
WordPress tips: moving site to another server

With this article, we continue to share our experience of implementing websites with free popular engines like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. After delivering hundreds of such projects to our clients, we have amassed a number of tips/solutions which we think may be useful for other developers or clients.

5 minutes to read
WordPress multi-widgets

IMPORTANT: This article was written for WordPress sites using versions 2.1 to 2.7. Starting from WordPress 2.8 this issue has been resolved in WordPress cor

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