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web design user testing Design
9 minutes to read
Importance of web design user testing for your current or future projects

User testing is what allows you to make amends and fixes before the wide audience see your product in action and get frustrated. Find out what methods and approaches you can use to get valuable insight.

justcoded working arrangements during coronavirus Business
2 minutes to read
Working arrangements at JustCoded during COVID-19 outbreak

No panic, increased safety measures, and normal working mode unless otherwise instructed – that’s what we do in a nutshell at this time.

FCA crowdfunding regulations photo Fintech
7 minutes to read
FCA regulations for crowdfunding in 2020

While some types of crowdfunding are spared from the regulation, other types are going to face stricter laws. In this article, we will tell you about the FCA crowdfunding rules in 2018 and where they apply.

justcoded best laravel developer Business
2 minutes to read
JustCoded was just named a Top Developer on Clutch!

Showing off our achievements as we ranked the #1 among Laravel developers on Clutch – a global review and rating platform.

Real estate
10 minutes to read
How to create a workspace rental platform

Buying offices is a thing of yesterday. A subscription-based business model allows startups and companies to save on renting while workspace owners can make profit listing their property on workspace rental platforms.

proptech 2020 trends Real estate
10 minutes to read
Proptech trends in 2020: transformation of the real estate industry

According to the KPMG report, 58% of real estate companies have a digital transformation strategy in place, although more likely than not, it’s not a digital technology specialist that’s leading it. In this article, we’ve gathered the most promising trends in the PropTech industry in 2020 based on the reports and surveys conducted by the independent research agencies.

how to expand your crowdfunding platform with buy-to-let investments Fintech
9 minutes to read
How to expand your crowdfunding platform with buy-to-let investments?

Overview of buy-to-let investments as a means to expand the online investment audience: how they work and why it’s worth considering this option for your real estate crowdfunding platform.

how to build hotel booking website with wordpress Tech
14 minutes to read
How to create a hotel booking website with WordPress: most important features and design tips

WordPress is cool, that’s understood. Can it be used to build a hotel booking website though? Actually, why not. And this article will show you why, what, and how.

project managers vs product managers differences Tech
8 minutes to read
Product managers vs project managers: key differences and responsibilities

All people in a startup have one goal; however, their primary responsibilities may lie at opposite ends of the spectrum. In this article, we compare the tasks of Product Managers and Project Managers and their roles in product development.

eight places where you can find investors for your startup Business
6 minutes to read
8 places where you can find the right investor for your startup

Investors are always looking to fund promising startups and put their money to work. In this article, we’ll show you some non-obvious options to seek funding for your great idea.

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